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General Corporate Representation

On a daily basis, successful companies face significant strategic and operational challenges, many of which are affected by the law. These areas include:

  • Business Formation
  • Employer/Employee Relations
  • Business Financing
  • Real Property (lease, purchase, etc.)
  • Intellectual Property (trademarks, copyrights)
  • Litigation

One of the things that all successful companies have in common is immediate access to legal and business expertise. Kushner Carlson, PC acts as corporate counsel to a variety of companies, large and small, and domestic and global. We work with entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, and managers in preparing and executing their strategic plans. From fast growth startups to established companies, our corporate and business attorneys have experience guiding our clients through the myriad of day to day issues that arise in any dynamic enterprise.

Kushner Carlson prides itself on first getting to know its corporate clients, and then getting to know its clients’ businesses. By learning the ins and outs of our clients’ companies, markets, and cultures, attorneys at the Firm are able to nimbly and creatively dissolve roadblocks, decrease liabilities, streamline operations, and increase profits.

Contact Us

Please contact Kushner Carlson, PC to speak with an attorney about how the Firm can act as your company’s “in house” counsel. To contact Kushner Carlson about your legal needs, call (949) 421-3030, or contact us by e-mail.